OutdoorBeta is an idea conceived in the beautiful mountain town of Jackson, WY. Here, we found a community focused on the outdoors and the pursuit of adventure, but one major ingredient was missing – a dedicated site that allowed users to communicate and interact with each other.  If you were to try to figure out a ski route in Grand Teton National Park, it would not be uncommon to pour through numerous: websites, books and blogs – only to find that the “beta” did not exist.  We believe that there is a better way to access and share information about adventures on the web.  We feel that people should share their stories and conversely be inspired by the adventures of others.  At OutdoorBeta, we feel that within every community, there should exist a site that adventurers go to for the “beta” on any sort of outdoor pursuit.  Think of it as a community blog for those looking to get out and explore the outdoors.  With this in mind, we are in the process of creating a website with these principals at its core.  It is called OutdoorBeta.com.  The site will allow users to post trip reports, current conditions, photos, videos and essays about all their outdoor adventures.  We are starting the site you’re looking at to compile a trip report database and engage the public in the process.  Please send any comments and ideas about how to better serve the outdoor community to OutdoorBeta.

Enjoy the ride!

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