How to Help

OutdoorBeta will only be a successful and useful tool if you participate in building and cultivating the site.  It is going to take an engaged community to build a library of trip reports that will motivate and push others into the outdoors.  With this in mind, I am looking for any: trip reports, snow/trail conditions, photos, videos and essays about adventures in the Rockies.  We are planning on launching this site with the ability to scale to different locations, but initially it will focus on Jackson, WY.  Once we receive enough content about a different location (Sun Valley, Park City, Tahoe, etc), the site will dedicate a section to that area and look for locals to be ambassadors of the site to verify and ensure all the reports are relevant.  So, please send along any: trip reports, trail/snow conditions, photos, videos, and essays to OutdoorBeta.  Right now, we at OutdoorBeta are in the process of talking with outdoor retail leaders to provide an incentive for users to post trip reports, but since that has not been finalized, I ask for your help.  We at OutdoorBeta will do everything we can to give you the chance to win some great gear in the future, but we need your help to get this project off the ground.  Again, please send along any trip reports, trail/snow conditions, photos, videos and essays to OutdoorBeta.  Together lets inform and inspire the outdoor community.

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